Spacious Passion

The Four Thoughts that Turn the Mind to Practice

13 JULY 2009
Ngakma Nor'dzin Pamo explains the fundamental teaching of Buddhism as vividly relevant to our everyday lives
About Spacious Passion

Spacious Passion
explains the sutric teaching of ‘The Four Thoughts that turn the Mind to Practice’: the extraordinarily precious opportunity to live as an honourable human being; the experience of impermanence that pervades our existence as an opportunity to awaken; the emotional and psychological patterning which dominates our lives (karma); and the seemingly endless cycle of dissatisfaction in which we imprison ourselves. Each chapter ends with a series of questions and answers which are both pragmatic and inspirational.

ISBN: 978-1-898185-07-9

About Ngakma Nor'dzin

Ngakma Nor’dzin is known for the natural down-to-earth realism of her presentation – and her wealth of experience in helping people with everyday problems, demonstrating how stresses of ordinary life are fuel for Tantric practice. She offers the valuable perspective of a parent who has successfully raised a family while continuing their own practice and establishing a sangha.

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"The Four Thoughts teach us everything we need to know to be authentic practitioners. We can embrace the gentleness, kindness, and immaculacy of the warrior. We can embrace the dynamic energy, fierceness, and directness of the warrior. We can realise the potential of non-dual view on a moment by moment basis." Ngakma Nor'dzin
"Such a joy to read about the sutric teachings explained in the vigorous and clear language of Dzogchen. These teachings are accessible even for newcomers to Buddhism, yet they reflect the highest wisdom of Vajrayana teachings." David Flanagan
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