The band who could have rivalled Cream

an odd boy - volume two - hellhound on my trail / living on solid air

29 OCTOBER 2012
The peak of the British Blues Boom – and Savage Cabbage the band who could have rivalled Cream. At their height they were billed with Rory Gallagher’s Taste at ‘Colonel Barefoot’s Rock Garden’ where psychedelic lyrics and electric blues ignited the night. The arts became rampant street-culture – roaring like wildfire from ’68 to ’70. 'an odd boy - volume two', published by Aro Books worldwide, 31st October 2012
"An odd boy is a collage of recollections – an assemblage of images woven from memories of a time when the Arts permeated society and ran amok as street-culture.  It could be called a roman à thèse, because I have an idea to present.  Everyone is an innate Artist. My hope is that this account of my life—between August ’68 and September ’70—will inspire the idea that the Arts are open to everyone."

— Doc Togden

volume one

Volume one of an odd boy is a memoire of an eccentric aficionado of Bach and Blues, poetry and painting. A portrait of the artist as a lad, set in the experimental cultural ferment of the late 1960s. It is a coming-of-age adventure, both surreal and innocent, humorous and poignant, depicting an era when the Arts set a generation’s imagination on fire. The author’s life is a rare roulette wheel of childhood wonder and tragic debacles; a debilitating stammer and a powerful singing voice; bad luck and fierce good fortune. At 16 he’s travelled far in human experience from the midnight expedition he made to the crossroads at the age of 12.

volume two

Volume two of an odd boy contains part two and part three of the six part mémoire. Part two—hellhound on my trail—is the story of a romance with a ginger-haired heroine of the Arts – and, the story of the Blues band Savage Cabbage, the band who could have rivalled Cream. Part three—living on solid air—is the story of one Summer out-of-time – a period of charismatic chaos in which the future persistently changes shape.

"If you want to time travel to 1967 – you just need to open your eyes and allow your senses to function ever-so-slightly outside conventional parameters.  You don’t have to ingest psychoactive substances.  You don’t even have to don a set of headphones and close your eyes.  You merely need to let your senses do what they do rather than following the dictates of codified societal legislation.  You have to look at what is there"

— Doc Togden

an odd boy - volume two
Published Wednesday 31st October 2012
ISBN 978-1-898185-24-6

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Praise for volume one

… like all the beautiful love stories I've ever read in a few paragraphs. Incredibly touching. The love and daring of a young boy in search of the Muse at an age when all dreams can be made real and the joy of art lives in the heart and doesn't boggle the mind.

— Sugar Blue

‘An Odd Boy’ unfolds like its butterflies, one spectacular sentence after another. I love the meeting of two worlds old and new – in a child who becomes a man. I love the references to song quotes relevant to the each part of the story. A delight to read!

— Deborah Magone

About Doc Togden

Born in 1952 in Hannover Germany—of an English Father and German mother—Doc Togden was raised in Surrey, England. He obtained school qualifications mainly in English and the Arts where he obtained A grades in English Language, Literature, and Art. He was a founding member of the Savage Cabbage Blues Band – public from 1968–1970. He attended Farnham Art School during 1970–1971 and Bristol Art School during 1972–1975 where he obtained a 1st class honours degree. In 1988 he obtained a doctorate from the Visva Bharati University of Santiniketan in West Bengal India for his research into Tantric Psychology.
"Deeply touched by what you wrote" John Martyn
"I had a system. It seemed that if I played a bass riff 100 times – I’d have it down reasonably well. If I played it 300 times – I’d have the thing easily. If I played it 500 times – I’d be able to play it without keeping my eye on the neck. If I played it 1,000 times I’d be branded with it like a steer. I loved musical instruments – I just had no natural facility or dexterity with them." Doc Togden
"We didn’t quite know it as clearly as we should have done – but we were all sitting on top of the world. Life was not perfect – but some parts of it were ferociously good. Being on stage was a side step into eternity for each of us. Whatever was happening outside those pools of perfection couldn’t intrude." Doc Togden
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