Joanna Lumley : Relaxing into Meditation

Star gives her endorsement to relaxation and meditation teachings

Joanna Lumley has given her endorsement to 'Relaxing into Meditation' by Ngakma Nor'dzin
Ngakma Nor'dzin's book of relaxation and meditation teachings 'Relaxing into Meditation' has received the support of Joanna Lumley.

Miss Lumley writes:

This is a wonderful introduction to relaxation and meditation - its message offers peace and tranquillity in this stressful world

Relaxing into Meditation begins with relaxation and breathing techniques specifically aimed at creating relaxation of the body and calmness of mind before embarking on meditation practices which may be more demanding.  In this way it provides a place where anyone can begin, without any prior experience.

Relaxation techniques and breathing exercises enable us to be calmer human beings. Through learning to quieten the breath and relax the body, we can approach the circumstances of our lives in a calmer and more relaxed manner. Discovering relaxation offers the opportunity to begin to practise meditation

Meditation enables us to unravel unhelpful emotional fixations. Our intellect can become clearer and more focused through allowing the chatter of our minds to subside. We can discover the nature of who we are at a deep and profound level through meditative practice.

Relaxing into Meditation
by Ngakma Nor'dzin (ISBN 978-1-898185-17-8) is published by Aro Books worldwide and is available from from bookshops and major online retailers.  By special arrangement with Zorba Publishers it is available for sale in India and Nepal (ISBN 978-81-920669-0-5)

"This is a wonderful introduction to relaxation and meditation - its message offers peace and tranquillity in this stressful world" Joanna Lumley
"If everyone meditated for a few minutes every day, the world would be a more peaceful and friendly place." Ngakma Nor'dzin
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